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VANAKKAM means welcome. With this programme, women from the largest slums in India want to dare to start a new future for their children and thus become real role models. At the side of experienced social workers and trained students (Theia Fellows) as well as local partner organisations, women learn the skills they need to build a future for themselves and their children, which will take them out of the slums. The empowerment programme is systemic and like a compass for the women and their families. It comprises relief actions in acute emergency situations, a training course in family life, healthy and eco-friendly livelyhood practical projects for the family and peer-to-peer training on the job in new areas, job placement as well as a happiness hub for children to dream, be happy and learn with joy.


Facilitating, Counseling, Mentoring 

An important part of Vanakkam is the personal closeness of the team to the women. They are the protagonists of their learning experience. At the side of experienced social workers, psychologists, and mentors from the respective fields of practice, the women get to know their needs better and can develop at their individual pace.

Empowerment, Resilience und Eco-Livelihood in Workshops and Training

Together with our partner and the Theia-Fellows, we plan comprehensive empowerment and programs as individual and community learning paths. We will start with a Resilience Body and Mind Programme tailored to the needs of women, with the possibility of joining a Resilience Container Training. Another focus is the Eco-Livelihood Programme. After appropriate training, the women can design their own strategies for an eco-friendly and resilient living environment.

Acute assistance during Covid-19 and security fund

Our program provides for acute help in emergency situations, whereby we focus here on corona-related emergencies. The women whom we address in our program are particularly affected, as their low-paid jobs, often in private households, are the first to disappear. Here our local partners support the women with food for their families. Our goal is to create financial resilience through reserve insurance and community building.

Career Building, Training-on-the-Job, Placement in Future Fields

The Theia Fellow student team develops on-the-job training with the experts on site. We have started to build up a network of sponsors, mentors, business contacts and microcredit support. These Women should get a chance to learn from the best and to make a professional career choice. Up to now, there is a lack of know-how, best practice examples, internships and equipment in every respect.

VANAKKAM - "I honour the place within you where the entire universe resides. I honour the place of light, love, truth, peace and wisdom within you. I honour the place within you where, when you are there and I am there as well." (Mahatma Gandhi)

The Women Empowerment and Future Career Project

On the World Day of Social Justice, we launched the Women for Future (W4F) program series under the umbrella of THEIA INTERNTIONAL e.V. The first project is Vanakkam in Bagalore, India. On the initiative of 30 outstanding women from the largest slums in Bagalore, India, we are planning the Women Empowerment and Future Job Project VANKKAM together with our local partners Naomi A. (Founder IJAM) and Dr. Christopher Samuel as well as Theia Fellows from 5 countries. Our story is that of these women who are already an example for all of us. Because they have the courage to change and they start with us at their side.


Model project in Bangalore, India

In the starting phase we start with 30 women from the biggest 3 slums in Banagalore. The project is structured in a way that it can be transferred as a model project to slums in other regions and countries.

30 - 1.200

Concerned Women

Our target group in Bangalore alone comprises 1,200 women. If we look at the families systemically, the lives of 1200 women and more than 800 children, 200 young people and 750 men will change positively.

15 + 400

Volunteering Experts

We will start with 20 volunteers and experts. The project is managed by local experts in close cooperation with the women. At the side of the core team is a team of up to 10 Theia Fellows, prospective social workers (students), who will take care of the project on a rotating basis as part of their THEIA-WHITEBOARD- Fellowship.



We assume responsibility in the global society and act measurably locally. With this project we promote the sustainability goals 1,2,3,4,5,8 and 10.


Life & Career Empoverment for a New Role of Women in a New Society

During my visit to Bagalore I was approached by our Theia project partners Naomi A. and Dr. Christopher Samuel (IJAM) to hold a workshop with 30 women from the biggest slums in Bagalore. Our partner organisation has been working in these slums for many years and so the women heard about my visit. When I asked on which topic...

Healthy environment and challenge Workplace for women in slums
How does the accelerated urbanisation and social development in the transition periods around Corona affect the opportunities of women from slums? The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that 500 million people will enter the global labour market in the next 10 years, most...

India has the second largest urban population in the world, with almost 32% living in urban areas, which is expected to increase to almost 38% by 2026. According to a report by an independent committee appointed by the Indian government, India's urban population is below the poverty line with almost 270 million people. The Food Security Act...

Our partners in Bangalore are currently supporting the families of the 30 women with essentials. Your activities such as household chores are no longer possible during the Corona period. The men were usually unemployed beforehand and are alcoholics. The families with 2-4 children now lack everything, including food and hygiene products. For...

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