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On the World Day of Social Justice we, Theia International e.V., have launched the program series, WOMEN FOR FUTURE (W4F). A program for all women who want to step out of their comfort zone and have the courage to become role models for their children, family, friends and society. In Bangalore, 30 women from the biggest slums are the first to start. With our local partners IJAM, Naomi A. and Dr. Christopher Samuel, the Theia Fellows, and an already large group of volunteers, we are starting the empowerment and future job project VANKKAM. Our story will become part of the moving story of these women, who are already an example for all of us. Because they have the courage to change and to start by themselves and with us at their side.


Dr. Christopher Samuel, Naomi A. (IJAM), Anja Carron (THEIA INTERNATIONALe.V. )
Dr. Christopher Samuel, Naomi A. (IJAM), Anja Carron (THEIA INTERNATIONALe.V. )
Naomi A. and Anja Carron visiting the Bangalore Slum.
Naomi A. and Anja Carron visiting the Bangalore Slum.
Anja Carron, 100 Top Leader of Global Education, Founder and CEO Theia International e.V. Initiator of VANAKKAM Women Empowerment & Furture Career Capacitiy Building Project
Anja Carron, 100 Top Leader of Global Education, Founder and CEO Theia International e.V. Initiator of VANAKKAM Women Empowerment & Furture Career Capacitiy Building Project

The successful concept: competent and reliable local partners plus the energy and innovative power of ambitious young students, the THEIA-Fellows

Vanakkam is the first project under the umbrella of Theia International's program WOMEN for FUTURE.  This new project is driven by the initiative of 30 women who live in the slums of Bangalore. Togehter with our local partner (IJAM), who has a proven expertise in the relevant areas social work with women in children of slums, we will develop a completely new way of empowerment and future career building. We will provide a new model of facilitating. An important role will play our Theia-Fellows who are currently in their Master's training as social workers or have just completed it. They support the team alongside international mentors from the worldwide THEIA International network. We will work virtually with the teams in Bangalore and plan to work as well local as soon as travel opportunities arise. The THEIA-Fellows will expand the network of volunteers, lead workshops, start regional fundraising activities and learn to shape the steps that have to be taken in the different phases of setting up a social lighthouse project that achieves self-determed social impact.


Meet the Real Heroes

Anja Carron (GER, FR)

Anja Carron(Dipl. Jur. Univ.) I, the founder of THEIA International e.V. based in Germany.  She works at the interface between capital market and non-profit, health /family care and education, new technologies and tradition, ecology and sustainability. Vanakkam is a lighthouse project under the umbrelle of THEIA. Anja's will support the project in her advisory and local as well global connecting role.  

Naomi A. (IN)

 Naomi A. manages the Vanakkam project in Banagalore. She is the founder of IJAM with 15 years of experience in family and youth psychology and mental health of women and children. She is also a trainer for hygiene awareness courses for women and girls and works as a consultant and trainer for the Samaritan Inn Project Asia.

Dr. Christopher Samuel (IN)

Dr. Christopher Samuelis involved in the VANAKAM project as a consultant and trainer. He is the bridge to the people in the slum areas. Christopher is a highly qualified social worker with 15 years of experience in conflict management, training and consultancy work in Mumbai and Banglore. He has worked in sustainable and impact-tested community development projects in the social sector.

Prateeti Anwesha Bordoloi (IN)

Prateeti Anwesha Bordoloi lives and studies in Assam, India. Since May 2020 she is Theia-Fellow and participates in the Worldclass Leadershiip program. She studied social science and social work at Assam Kaziranga University and has been working as a . She completed her dissertation on youth in rural areas in the Nagaon district of Assam. She is currently in her final year of her Masters in Social Work at NEF College, Guwahati.

Nitumoni Phukan (IN)

Theia-Fellow Nitumoni Phukan is from Assam, India and has completed her bachelor degree with Botany Honours. Now she is pursuing her masters in Social Work at University of Dibrugarh, Asssam. She gained already a wide range of experieces in different fields of social work in children education and women empowement projects in rural areas and slums.

Maitrayee Saikia


Theia-Fellow Maitrayee Saikia, comes from Northeast India and is doing her Masters in Social Work
Mahapurusha Srimanta Shankaradeva Viswavidyalaya. She graduated in sociology from the University of Dibrugarh. in sociology. Vanakkam offers her as a project the Cahnce to participate from the beginning in a new form of community development that is forward-looking and innovative.

Pinky Misra (IN)

Theia-Fellow Pinky Misra from Northeast India, who is currently in the final phase of her Masters in Social Work at Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankaradeva Viswavidyalaya (MSSV ), Assam, INDIA, She completed her studies at the University of Dibrugarh, INDIA, in English with distinction. She is very ambitious. In the Vanakkam project she can fully contribute her competences from the very beginning and participate in a project that aims at a sustainable development of the community in a future-oriented way.

Nikumoni Borah

Theia-Fellow Nikumoni Borah is from Assam, Northeast India. She is currently completing her diploma studies in "Master in Social Work" (MSW) from Mahapurusha Srimanta.
Sankaradeva Viswavidyalaya(MSSV) ,Guwahati Campus, from. She received her Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) from NEF School of Management & Technology, University of Dibrugarh. She has a wide experience in the field of social work through working with schools and communities, such as NGOs.

Natalie Jabbour (BRA)

Theia-Fellow Natalie Jobbour comes from Brazil and currently lives in Germany. She studied civil engineering at the Piracicaba School of Engineering in Piracicaba, Brazil and worked in this field until she travelled to India for personal and professional development. At Barefoot College she worked with 52 women from 11 countries in the field of Women Empowerment. Currently Natalie lives in Germany and is actively involved in the international THEIA world.

Sarmistha Agasthi (IN)

Theia-Fellow Sarmistha Agasthi is an aspiring social worker with a deep interest in areas such as health, mental health, women's empowerment, children, youth, ecology, etc. She already worked in serval internships and gained social working field experiences. She is highly interested to work in rural and as well in urban sectors .Her Master's degree in Social Work at Tezpur University. She has a degree in Political Science from Guwahati University will be soon completed.


Theia: A 3,500-year-old idea spans the world.

The mythological figure of Theia is an outstanding and pioneering protagonist of the legends and myths of the ancient world. Almost forgotten in human memory, myth dominated not only in the history of the Olympic family through informing values and perspective, and subsequent actions and its children, its place. Myth represents its values increasingly up to the present and from a historical perspective, it can be assumed quite certainly also in the future. The autonomy, the cosmopolitanism of the ancient flow of knowledge and the first democratic attitude shaped the spirit and discipline of entire generations of young people for centuries.

For the foundation I have adopted the virtues of this an extraordinary figure, heroine and woman. Dive with us into our philosophy, the cosmopolitanism, the knowledge, the entrepreneurs and the spirit of adventure, as well as the courageous foresight to reinterpret a 3500-year-old thought and to invent it into a new context.

The Renaissance of the 21st century: "We're not looking for high potentials. This will be the time for full potentials".

I powerfully feel that the "THEIA life&career journey" is a tangible way to enact the needed change. Our programs enable young people opportunities to develop the mindset needed for creating a sustainable, harmonious, difference in our ever-changing global society. Change needs people with an inclusive identity that reflects their sense of connection with other people, aspects of nature - especially in the trade-off between socio-economic challenges and digital progress. With an international team of young experts, we designed THEIA to identify, inspire and enable these pathfinders through sending them out into uncharted territories of new ideas and insane potential. (Anja Carron, Founder and CEO)

THEIA INTERNATIONAL develops programs with young talents and content-area experts that offer a unique combination of theory, practice and personal development to students from all over the world. The programs aim to help impart and guide the participants in developing useful knowledge by inspiring, steering and offering opportunities for reflecting. Through taking part in our international projects they have the opportunity to authentically learn universal skills, while being guided by mentors and reflection pathfinders that help them to navigate safely and explore responsibly unchartered territories step by step. The components of the program, namely its focus on interdisciplinary and international collaboration aligned with practical hard-skill development, the participants experiences into a life/career journey that will have the potential to positively impact them in most personal and professional contexts.

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